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In recent years a lot of different simulators arised. Most of these simulators focus their attention on one special matter of investigation. This makes it very useful for protocol designers or application developers to evaluate their ideas in great detail. Though a holistic analysis of a real application with an underlaying network which can detect side effects is not available.

Within the project MSIECV in cooperation with Volkswagen AG we develop an integrated simulator environment which retains the advantages of each simulator but with accompanying of eleminating the disadvantages of purely specialization. Our interest is focused on the following simulators:

In a first step we have developed an integrated platform for all these simulators. This platform constists of a centralized architecture where the controlling instance is provided by the ns-2 simulator. Ns-2 controls the communication to and from the other simulators. As a result we can simulate a wireless scenario in ns-2 by using 'real' simulated traffic scenarios and using 'real' simulated applications.

For the traffic simulation we do not have the gain of real simulated traffic data only but we also can influence the simulation procedure. So it is possible to stop one or more cars, influence the driver behaviour or to reroute cars. With Matlab/Simulink it is possible to develop applications easily. This applications can be used for the simulations but it is also possible to create real code out of this aimulated application. The advantage is that we only have one code base to debug.

Now the next step is to develop an application for C2CC in VANETs. This is ongoing work.


 Murat Caliskan
 Christian Lochert
 Björn Scheuermann

 Michael Singhof




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