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EDAT, the "Extensible Data Analysis Toolkit" is a Ruby based tool for the analysis of trace files. It follows a flow-based, visual programming approach that allows to combine existing operators to an analysis. New operators can be easily created within minutes and integrated in the anaylsis-flow. Although EDAT has been primarily developed for the analysis of trace files from network simulations and experiments, it can also be applied to other fields.




Wolfgang Kiess
Thomas Ogilvie (alumni)
Ulrich Wittelsbürger (alumni)
Nadine Chmill (alumni)


kiess at cs dot uni-duesseldorf dot de


Wolfgang KiessBjörn ScheuermannTill ElsnerMartin MauveMethod for sharing wireless access points to a communications networkWO 2010 127806PCT EP2010 0026342010November 11

Wolfgang Kiess, Nadine Chmill, Ulrich Wittelsbürger, Martin Mauve.
Modular Network Trace Analysis. PE-WASUN 2008: Proceedings of the Fifth ACM International Workshop on Performance Evaluation of Wireless Ad Hoc, Sensor, and Ubiquitous Networks, Vancouver, Canada, October 2008.

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