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Michael Stini


From late 1995 to early 2002 I studied Informatik (computer science) with the emphasis on multimedia, networks and security at the University of Technology, Darmstadt. My minor was organic chemistry. I spend a period of two terms studying and working as TA for the PANDA (Parallel, Networking and Distributed Applications) research group at the Department of Engineering, Faculty of Computer Science at the University of Victoria, Canada. My thesis on "Design, Implementierung und Analyse eines softwarebasierten H.323 konformen Videokonferenzsystems unter Bereitstellung einer flexiblen Plattform" (short: making Voice Over IP (H.323) available for Java applications) was supervised by the Lehrstuhl "Multimedia Kommunikation" of Prof. Steinmetz and an industrial partner.

After I finished my degree I started working for MVC Mobile Video Communication AG. The main focus was on the European Union founded research project called RAFT (Remote Accessible Field Trips) which involved development of and research on video and mobile communication.

In order to focus on more challenging research I joined the research group of Prof. Dr. M. Mauve in the middle of august 2003 as researcher and Ph.d. student.


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The areas of research I am currently interested in are (in no particular order):

  • Digital Ownership
  • Mobile Applications and Games
  • Location-based Services


  • Rechnernetze (laboratory course - SS 2008)
  • Informatik I (exercise course - WS 2007)
  • Informatik II (exercise course - SS 2007)
  • Rechnernetze (laboratory course - WS 2006)
  • Mobilkommunikation (laboratory course - SS 2006)
  • Rechnernetze (laboratory course - WS 2005)
  • Mobilkommunikation (laboratory course - SS 2005)
  • Rechnernetze (laboratory course - WS 2004)
  • Informatik II (exercise course - SS 2004)
  • Informatik I (exercise course - WS 2003)


The main focus is at:

  • Digital Ownership Research
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