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The aim of this project is to develop protocols and mechanisms to realise pervasive applications such as games which make use of upcoming mobile technologies. The game play will become part of your daily life and your daily life will effect the game play. The possible degree of immersion into the game and interaction between real life and the plot depends on the story and your interest. Various settings are conceivable.


Mobile devices are becoming part of everyones daily life. While cell phones of the earlier generation allowed managers and field service to stay in touch with their office, this service is now widely available to stay in touch with family and friends. As the mobiles improved, some office applications as address book and calendar migrated to the mobile devices and became ubiquitous companions.

Due to the fact that devices are evolving at a breathtaking speed more advanced services and applications are available at less costs to a broad audience. Games running on mobile devices are already available, more advanced games making real use of the mobility and connectivity are a couple of steps ahead of us.

Besides the "normal" data communication most cell phones are able to exchange information using short range communication such as infrared or BlueTooth. Information about the location of the mobile device can be provided by the service provider, information about the surrounding can be gathered using short range communication and other sorts of sensors.


The aim of the PerGamOn project is to explore and exploid the potential mobile devices already possess. The next generation of games will not be played within a couple of minutes, these games will have a much longer duration, be a continuous companion and become part of everydays life. Information gathered using the actual position or via short range communication can and will have its own effect on the game play. Events taking place in real life can effect the plot of the game ...

Games running on the always-with-you devices will pervade your daily life. You don't have to be online, or in-the-game all day, but you could use half a minute of free time to sneek into the game and explore more of the world or keep yourself updated of what happend during your last appearance.


Michael Stini



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