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Recently a whole community consisting of public authorities, academia, and car manufacturers has formed in pursuit of improving driving security and comfort by enabling inter-vehicle communication. Proposed applications span from the reduction of road casualties by means of brake warning, intersection assistance, or collision avoidance systems to offering guidance to available parking lots, discovering the traffic situation on a planned route, and coordinating car flow and traffic lights.

In this project, we focus on non-safety applications that can be subsumed under the term distributed traffic information systems (TIS). Such applications aim to improve the driving comfort by enhancing a driver's awareness regarding the current traffic conditions and enabling dynamic route guidance

Peer-to-peer TIS

In Peer-to-peer TIS the participating cars are not only consumers of information but at least some of them also produce information by sharing their observations. An observation is, for instance, a local measurement of the current traffic conditions or the number of currently free parking slots, which is then distributed to other vehicles.

TIS usually rely on communication among many participants over relatively large geographical distances that can span some ten kilometers in the case of a city scenario up to some hundred kilometers on highways. Furthermore the provided information need to be up-to-date what makes the implementation of the system even harder.

In this project, we use infrastructure-based communication to build a distributed, cooperative TIS - only requiring every participant to maintain an Internet connection. We envision such a solution based on distributed hash tables, i.e., on peer-to-peer technology: a huge peer-to-peer network of vehicles. Such a system, implementing well-designed distributed data structures and algorithms allows to build the scalable TIS application.

X-PeerTIS is conducted with support of the DFG within the Project: "Car-to-Car Communication via Infrastructure-based Peer-to-Peer Networks" (DFG 560198)


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