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Over the last years, Car to Car Communication has become an important field of research for car manufacturers as well as for academical institutions. This technology is considered extremely important and promising: it enables drivers to benefit from applications that improve the efficiency as well as the safety of vehicular traffic by wireless communication, thus reducing the number and severity of accidents. To combine knowledge and resources, many companies and research facilities have jointly founded the Car to Car Communication Consortium (C2C-CC) that focuses on this field of research. The Heinrich-Heine-University is a member of this consortium and actively participates in different working groups.

Furthermore, in November 2008 the "Sichere Intelligente Mobilität – Testfeld Deutschland" (simTD) project has been started. In the course of this project, a technology for the wireless communication between vehicles as well as an intelligent traffic infrastructure will be developed and tested within a large field operational test in the area of Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

The computer networks research group at the Heinrich-Heine-University participates in SIM-TD as a subcontractor of the Volkswagen AG, one of the projects' industry partners. We work closely together with the VW department of Driver Information Systems and contribute our knowledge in the areas of field operational testing, algorithm development and simulation of Car to Car Communication systems.


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