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Inter-vehicle-communication aims to improve driving comfort, reduce ressource consumption and increase safety. It relies on wireless communication technologies like 802.11p/WAVE, UMTS or LTE to exchange information between vehicles (car-to-car) or between vehicles and stations at the roadside (car-to-infrastructure).

The project Next Generation Car-2-X Communication (NGC2X) considers aspects of inter-vehicle communication that have not yet been adressed appropriately. It incorporates the creation of advanced new human machine interfaces, integration of future radio technologies into the vehicle architecture and enhancements of driver assistance systems to increase traffic safety and efficiency.

NGC2X: Next Generation Car-2-X Communication

Network Protocol Optimization for Car-2-Car Communication

The computer networks research group at the Heinrich Heine University participates in NGC2X with the task of optimizing network protocols for car-to-car communication. We believe that the basis for this should be the development of a metric for the quality of a car-to-car communication protocol. Given this metric, we expect to be able to evaluate existing protocols in an efficient manner. With this tool in place, we will improve network protocols for inter-vehicle communication.


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