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The software listed here was used for the research that I published during my PhD studies.

Node Reduction / Trajectory Compression Algorithm Implementations

Douglas-Peucker Line Simplification
This is a java implementation of the Douglas-Peucker (aka Ramer-Douglas-Peucker) algorithm.

Optimal Line Simplification
This is a java implementation of Hiroshi Imai's and Masao Iri's algorithm to approximate a polyline by connecting a subsequence of points. With their algorithm, they solved the minimum subsequence approximation problem, thus finding a polyline approximation with a minimal number of edges, regarding an accuracy constraint epsilon. The algorithm was published in:
Hiroshi Imai, Masao Iri, Computational-geometric methods for polygonal approximations of a curve, Computer Vision, Graphics, and Image Processing, Volume 36, Issue 1, October 1986, Pages 31-41, ISSN 0734-189X, 10.1016/S0734-189X(86)80027-5.

CornuConsole: A Trajectory Compression Scheme using Clothoidal Spline Curve Fitting
Ilya Baran published an method to sketch clothoid splines using a shortest path algorithm. Since clothoid splines are also used to achieve optimal trafficability in the design and construction of roadways, we constructed a compression scheme based on Baran's algorithm. CornuConsole is a CLI frontend to Baran's java software, CornuCopia.

An Arithmetic Coder for Discrete Spatio-Temporal Trajectories
We implemented an arithmetic coding scheme based on the software framework published by Bob Carpenter. Our coding scheme employs simple movement models to encode discrete spatio-temporal trajectories.

Movement Data

For our studies on compression algorithms, we have used movement measurements from the OpenStreetMap project and its contibutors. Here, we provide the movement data (in a csv format), that have been extracted from the collected original public available GPS traces from the OpenStreetMap website.

OpenStreetMap GPS Traces (csv files)
The collection of GPS trajectories used for our research on trajectory compression algorithms.