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The software listed on this page was developed during my PhD and used during my studies.


Measuring of Network Characteristics using Mobile Cellular Networks

The first version of the Rate Measurement Framework (RMF) was developed by undefinedSebastian Wilken during his master thesis. It was further enhanced by undefinedChristian Lange and undefinedTobias Krauthoff during their master theses and Franz Kary during his project phase. Lately large parts were modified by me to fullfill all requirements for the currently used self-induced congestion aware implementation of our measurement algorithm.

The RMF itself is publisehd under the MIT License, the version used for the paper can be found in the undefinedsource tarball.
All later versions of the sources are also available through the github repository undefinedhttps://github.com/hhucn/rmf.

The RMF makes use of STLSoft and Pantheios (using the BSD-form license) librariers. As Pantheois needs to be patched for gcc>4.6, the patched sources are included in our tarball and in the dependencies directory on github (including the corresponding licenses).

Please read the INSTALL file in the tarball for detailed installation instructions.



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