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Dr. Murat Caliskan


I graduated in 09/2003 with a M.Sc. degree in Computer Science from RWTH Aachen. The major fields of my studies were (Tele-) Communication Systems, Mobile Radio Networks and Stochastic Simulation.

I received my doctoral degree from the Heinrich Heine University in December 2008. The title of my thesis was "A Decentralized Parking Guidance System Based on Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks".


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My research focuses on communication systems for future automotive systems and automotive applications.

The areas of research I am currently interested in are (in no particular order):

  • Inter Vehicle Communication
  • Application Modelling for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
  • Simulation of Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
  • Security and Safety issues in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks



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